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Epoxy grout - is it worth the hype?

Epoxy grout is more and more popular in private bathrooms.  It has been a nightmare to a builders and sometimes a saviour for home owners. BS EN 13888 - classification of grouts categorises grouts as CG or RG CG 1 standard grout CG 2W grout with improved performance and reduced water absorption CG 2A grout with improved performance and improved resistance to abrasion CG 2WA grout with improved performance, resistance to abrasion and reduced water absorption RG resin-based products, e.g. epoxy grouts If choosing the cement-based grout CG 2WA is highly recommended. Short characteristic: • for any size of ceramic, stone and glass tiles • resistant to discolouration and efflorescence, bacteria and mould due to ions of silver • smooth, highly flexible, resistant to dirt and damage • particularly recommended on difficult substrates: e.g. terraces, balconies and floor heating systems • high resistance to washing, scrubbing and abrasion as well as

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