Best products for achieving a concrete wall

Don't use the effect on all walls - the effect will be closer to prison's wall than modern home. To add warmth contrast it with warm colours. Fur throw, wooden details and soft looking textiles will help to create balance.

1. Concrete Effect Paint
The quickest method but it can be quite messy! It comes in a bucket in ready-to-use form. The effect will be more grainy than other two. Using trowel on half-dry product may help, it will give a burned-edges effect as well (depending on time and intensity). It's quite difficult to make joints and round hols from screws as a layer is really thin. Using clear varnish on top is recommended to protect the wall. As a bonus paint will be washable.

 Application: with a roller on primed wall
Cost: £8 per sqm for paint + varnish
Where to get: FOX Official UK distributor

2. Wallpaper
Quality and pattern will vary from brand to brand. I like the idea of one big pattern and cutting it into rolls. offers such a service. Other nice designs on

Application: with adhesive on primed wall
Cost: £21 per sqm for wallpaper only
Where to get:,

3. Decorative plaster
The biggest advantage of plaster - you can control the effect from the start to the end. Concrete is naturally light grey but by adding pigment colours like anthracite, menthol green or graphite are withing the reach of a hand. You can leave it rough or create smooth surface when applying more pressure. After clear varnish wall will be washable.

Application: with venetian trowel on primed wall
Cost: £17 per sqm for plaster + varnish
Where to get: FOX Official UK distributor

4. Tiles
Tiles can give a phenomenal effect, will last forever and are easy to maintain. This particular tiles are from Paradyz. Glazed porcelain will be perfect as a floor or wall tile and is suitable for outdoor use. I absolutely love that look of distressed concrete.

Application: with elastic adhesive on a primed surface
Cost: £34 per sqm for tiles only
Where to get: -> Official UK ditributor 

5. Concrete effect wall cladding
Concrete in form of slabs can be heavy. Fortunately concrete effect can be mimicked by gypsum and other materials to create a feature wall without  adding to much weight. Smaller piece will make the wall look lighter and they are an interesting alternative for standard huge panels.

Application: with gypsum based adhesive on a primed wall
Cost: £26 per sqm for tiles only
Where to get: MaxStone official UK distributor

Other products you may need:
- DL-80 - deep penetration primer
- KT16 - priming mass for smooth surfaces
- BONDER - gypsum adhesive
- ATLAS PLUS - highly flexible adhesive for tiles


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