European internal doors - affordable luxury

My first thought when i saw the designs was 'classy'. The doors were simple, few glass panels and a little bit of wood but there's something irresistible about them.

First of all, what's the difference between english and european?
The most popular type of the frame is the Adjustable frame. Architraves are in L shape. One is already fitted (glued) and the other slides into the slot in main part of the frame - that means about 20mm regulation in thickness as you don't have to push it all the way. The architraves on both sides are, in fact, as important as the middle part and take equal part in fitting.


How do you fit such an odd frame you may ask. With that type of frame there's no need for any screws or nails. In another words - all you need is expanding foam. Easy, time saving and mess free. The frame will come ready-to-fit - veneered, lacquered or painted with drilled hols for hinges, strike plate and rubber seal fitted. The only thing to do is to screw together head with jambs. Architraves are made from wood-based material and can be trimmed if required.

Fitting is a last part in renovation process. When your walls are painted in dream colour and flooring is in place then is the time to fit frame.

The result is stunning - smooth, luxury finish, every part crafted to fit perfectly.

European doors are rebated - with a lip both sides and top. They decided to use rebated doors almost everywhere because of one advantage. They are far more air-tight so odours from kitchen or bathroom will be kept inside. Doors will come veneered, painted or lacquered with lock fitted and drills for hinges and handle.

Id you'd rather have non-rebated doors there's one option - doors with concealed hinges. Extremely elegant but far more expensive.

And now drawbacks. That type of door won't fit to English frames so If you're thinking about minor change that won't be an option for You.

In Porta's catalogue you can find thousands of combinations of styles, colours and lock types so keeping everything in stock is impossible. Every dealer I've found offers approximately 6 weeks lead time. If you're planning to get doors made to measure waiting time may reach 7-8 weeks and with doors in natural veneer or external even 14 weeks so planning ahead is crucial.

Porta's catalogue in PDF: available here
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